See what our former students are saying about QRS Training!

"My HACCP plan was executed and  approved by the best in the business!"

Sara H.
D.C. Manager

"Our instructor has excellent knowledge and presentation skills."

Athena Hernandez

"We send all of our employees. Classes are fun and John and Danielle set you up for success in passing the exam."

Spencer G.
Silver Spring, MD. Food & Beverage Director

"Experts in ServSafe training and online exams."

Mark B.
Philadelphia Manager

"Danielle, our instructor was great and had fun with the material as she taught us. That’s a good quality instructor."

Alyssia Smith

"Progressive company with online exam options make QRS #1 in service!"

Executive Chef

"QRS has the best ServSafe instructors in the industry!"

Philadelphia Manager

"Danielle, my instructor, taught a really fun and informative class."

Sharon K.
Philadelphia Manager

"The instructor was great! The material she covered was cut and dry, highlighted the key points….overall I had a fabulous time in the class."

Brigid Harron