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HACCP Overview

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Consulting and preparation from “start to approval” to meet local regulatory health department’s food safety standards.

A HACCP System 
can be used to control food safety risks and hazards throughout the flow of food. HACCP focuses on identifying specific critical control points where a food may have the risk of a biological, chemical, or physical hazard and preventing or reducing that risk to a safe level. A HACCP system is a unique, specific written plan to work for each facility’s menu, customers, equipment, processes, and operation.   


QRS is a leading expert in HACCP plan creation for the following processes: 

  • Smoking food as a preserving method
  • Curing food
  • Using food preservatives, such as sushi rice with added rice-vinegar, so it no longer requires time and temperature control for safety
  • Custom-processing animals, for personal use (dressing a deer in your establishment) 
  • Using a reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) method, such as vacuum packaging, MAP or Sous Vide packaging
  • Sprouting raw seeds or beans
  • Pasteurizing juice for sale
  • Selling live molluscan shellfish from a display tank.

HACCP Information request

Contact QRS HACCP consultant for more information and pricing by calling (866) 682-9916 or email us using the form below.

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