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QRS auditors and consultants are trained, experienced certified HACCP managers, proficient in recognizing Federal, State and Local Regulatory issues impacting the implementation of HACCP Systems. We offer a variety of HACCP-related consulting services including companies from manufacturing, production and retail food service outlets.


QRS HACCP consulting services:

  • Food safety management systems review and hazard analysis
  • Prerequisite program development and documentation including employee personal hygiene and food safety training programs
  • HACCP Menu Plan development and documentation of processes, flow charts, log sheets and standard sanitation procedures
  • Ongoing HACCP Quality Inspections.

QRS HACCP consulting services:

Consulting and preparation from “start to approval” to meet local regulatory health department’s food safety standards.

HACCP System can be used to control food safety risks and hazards throughout the flow of food. HACCP focuses on identifying specific critical control points where a food may have the risk of a biological, chemical, or physical hazard and preventing or reducing that risk to a safe level. A HACCP system is a unique, specific written plan to work for each facility’s menu, customers, equipment, processes, and operation.

QRS is a leading expert in HACCP plan creation for the following processes:

  • Using a reduced-oxygen packaging (ROP) method, such as vacuum packaging, MAP or Sous Vide packaging
  • Smoking food as a preserving method
  • Curing food
  • Using food preservatives, such as sushi rice with added rice-vinegar, so it no longer requires time and temperature control for safety
  • Custom-processing animals, for personal use (dressing a deer in your establishment)
  • Sprouting raw seeds or beans
  • Pasteurizing or selling Raw juice for packaged sale
  • Selling live molluscan shellfish from a display tank

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